Maximise your fleet availability with our comprehensive certification coverage and quick turnaround.

A trusted and reliable certification partner

Have approved fleet repairs and/or modifications and designs changes approved and installed, significantly reducing AOG time

An EASA and MAA approved DOA you can depend on

We provide comprehensive certification coverage and STC approvals that enables you to gain complete certification for your fleet regardless of location

Efficient Design and Certification Processes

We apply efficient design and certification processes to give you the most beneficial, cost effective solution for your needs, resulting in a value focused service

How we can help

We provide a quality focused certification service to the civil and defence aerospace industry. Holding EASA Part 21J and UK MoD DAOS approvals, as well as maintaining continued airworthiness for over 50 of our company owned STCs.

We work collaboratively with you, as a team of expert engineers and designers, to provide full coverage and support at all stages of the design and approval process to ensure an efficient solution is completed

Our capabilities cover a range of major and minor repairs and design changes for large and small aeroplanes and rotorcraft for airlines, charter companies and the defence sector. 

Our services for Aircraft Operators

Support for Liveries, External Equipment, Control surfaces/moveables, Empennage, Engine Mounts, Fuselage, Landing Gears, Wings

Flight Controls, Fuselage Doors, Hydraulics/Pneumatics Systems, Landing Gear systems, Ram air turbine

Autoflight Systems, Communication Systems, Diagnostic and Maintenance Systems, Indicating , Alerting systems, Navigation Systems, Recording Systems, Surveillance Systems

Electrical generation/distribution systems, External and Internal Lighting systems, Wireless Transmission Systems

Cabin Interiors, Cargo Compartments, Electrical Cabin Systems, Flight Deck Interiors, External Schemes, placards and markings

Aircraft Flight Manual and Operational Suitability MMEL,CCD and FCD Supplements

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