Fully supporting you through integration, design and certification

Equipment and Installation Support

We offer support to the prime contractor for all equipment and installation additions

Multiple Support Services

We provide further services such as test witnessing or safety assessment reports for equipment and modifications

How we can help

Our extensive experience working with the MoD and contracting authorities on a number of projects means we are best places to support you through testing, integration, design and certification.

Our MoD DAOS Approval Schedule enables :

  • Modification to, and special installations in rotary wing aircraft including the external mounting of equipment. 
  • Modifications to, and special installations in fixed wing aircraft including the external mounting of equipment. 
  • The approval of standalone and system associated components, parts, appliances and their structural fixtures and fittings.
  • Post Design Services (PDS) for armoured aircrew seats, excluding ejector seats for Aeroplanes and Helicopters. 

Our services for Mod Project teams

MoD design approval (MAA & DAOS)

Support for External Equipment, Control surfaces/moveables, Empennage, Engine Mounts, Fuselage, Landing Gears, Wings

Autoflight Systems, Communication Systems, Diagnostic and Maintenance Systems, Indicating , Alerting systems, Navigation Systems, Recording Systems, Surveillance Systems

Electrical generation/distribution systems, External and Internal Lighting systems, Wireless Transmission Systems

Cabin Interiors, Cargo Compartments, Electrical Cabin Systems, Flight Deck Interiors, External Schemes, placards and markings

Special installations in rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft including the external mounting of equipment. 

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Our design team have vast experience supporting various MoD project teams. Enquire today to find out how we can work alongside you to deliver your project through from integration to certification.