Increase your speed to market and enhance your product designs

Unlock Your Products Potential

We provide assistance with enhancing and optimising your product designs for the aviation market, right through from concept to final build stage, and onto through life support considering obsolescence factors at all stages

Effective Go To Market Strategy

We have established, efficient processes to introduce your new products to market in a timely manner

Lack of Regulatory Knowledge?

Are you lacking the regulatory knowledge or understanding in constraints? Let our team of experts guide and support you through the design process for EASA,FAA,NAA or MoD DAOS regulations

How we can help

First to market challenges are real in the competitive industry that POAs and manufacturers operate in.

Our team of design specialists will work with you to optimise your designs and ensure it meets all necessary regulatory requirements. We posses the regulation knowledge to support you in improving your POA and organisation through audits.

As an EASA and DAOS Approved Design Organisation, we offer a design and certification service to both civil and military aircraft owners and operators.

We also provide a free advisory service with our design team covering the entire scope of our approvals and multiple disciplines. 

Our services for POA Holders and Manufacturers

Support for External Equipment, Control surfaces/moveables, Empennage, Engine Mounts, Fuselage, Landing Gears, Wings

Autoflight Systems, Communication Systems, Diagnostic and Maintenance Systems, Indicating , Alerting systems, Navigation Systems, Recording Systems, Surveillance Systems

Electrical generation/distribution systems, External and Internal Lighting systems, Wireless Transmission Systems

Cabin Interiors, Cargo Compartments, Electrical Cabin Systems, Flight Deck Interiors, External Schemes, placards and markings

Aircraft Flight Manual and Operational Suitability MMEL,CCD and FCD Supplements

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