Aviation Traders Limited (ATL), formally Britavia, has been established since 1947. Located near Bournemouth Airfield, the company has built a large global repertoire of clients, carrying out a myriad of design and certification services for some of the world’s leading airlines, aircraft lease companies, overseas military operational entities and maintenance organisations.

In October 2019 ATL Europe (ATLs Subsiduary Company in France) was granted their EASA DOA EASA.21J.740. This has mitigated any effects that Brexit would bring, ATL Europe also means that all ATLs STCs are safe!

Aviation Traders (Engineering) Ltd. Formed

13 May 1947

Began Maintaining First Aircraft

16 November 1949

Moved into Aircraft Conversions and Manufacturing

22 July 1952

Channel Air Bridge

18 August 1954

Began trading as Britavia

19 February 1976

Began trading as Aviation Traders Ltd. and moved to Bournemouth home

21 February 1996

Attained EASA Design Approval in addition to CAA and MOD approvals

16 June 2004

British Disabled Flying Association – Bulldog conversion from VFR to IFR avionics

18 October 2006

Iron Maiden – First STC for a Boeing 757 Combi

22 May 2008

ATL Celebrate Their 70TH Birthday

7 March 2017


1 April 2019

ATL Europe granted EASA DOA – EASA.21J.740

23 October 2019