Vernier Ice Accretion Meter

Brief Description: The Vernier Ice Accretion Meter is a twin bladed vernier, mounted externally on an aircraft to assist the operating crew to determine the severity of icing experienced on the airframe. The blades are illuminated to allow use with nightvision goggles and can be heated to melt any ice formed.

Performance: The blades are parallel to the direction of flight and are scribed / engraved with sight lines and graduations which allow the observer to determine the thickness of ice built up on the airframe. Ice build up is measured in mm. The unit is fitted with switchable heater elements in the blades to melt ice formation as required. The blades are illuminated to allow use at night and with night vision goggles.

Technical Specification:

Power Supplies: There are two heater elements and each element has the following charateristics:

Resistance: 2.81 ohms

Voltage: 28 Volts d.c.

Current: 11 Amps

Weight: 1.15 kg

Dimension: Height: 260 mm Width: 105 mm Length: 155 mm